What is Cryptocurrency

Are we scare of cryptocurrency? Yes, but why?

Because over 80% of the people know the myths but do not know the whole truth about cryptocurrency. This is totally understandable because risks comes from not knowing what we are doing. And that is perfectly common and it should be that way. For example, would we swim in the deep sea if we do not know how to swim? Obviously, not right?

And it’s true that 95% of the cryptocurrency are scam or have no potential to surge and make us millionaires. This is frustrating! However, it is also true that bitcoin has raised millionaires in Dec 2017, surging at USD $19,000 per bitcoin. So obviously, cryptocurrency is the next millionaire trend.

Yet, we want to be the next millionaires, especially living in Singapore with such high cost can be stressful without money. 

 Fret not, everyone has the once in a lifetime opportunity to become the next millionaire safely without being scam at a low cost. Dr Khim explains the structure of cryptocurrency, the importance of blockchain technology, the myths and truth about owning cryptocurrency. Find out why is cryptocurrency the next millionaire trend and the reasons to own our ‘Sleeping Giant’.

Contact us or join our event to learn more about the ‘Sleeping Giant’. Enjoy!

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May All Our Wishes Come True!

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