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What is a Sales Funnel?

So, what should we do next after we published our Facebook Ads? Answer: Explore sales funnel tactics

Does sales funnel double up my current sales? Answer: Well, depend how we apply the sales funnel and what kind of sales funnel tools we use

In this video, Dr Khim explains what is a sales funnel? 
It is a method to drive more sales into our websites and Facebook Ads. Instead of buying 1 item and exit our store, for example, we create bundle sales or one time offer to drive up our sales.

Another example, McDonald do not sell their burger standalone. They will package their burgers into ‘Set Meal’, so they sell extra items, such as Coke and Fries. Now, this is a typical example for up sell.

Some ideas to generate sales funnel
1) The first minute when the customers enter our website and Facebook Ads, we show them an irresistible first time offer.

2) Assuming they accept the first time offer, we can include a bundle sales. For example, buying a handphone from our website and Facebook Ads, next we offer a bundle sales with phone case or ear piece before they exit.

3) Remember to include FREE items, such as FREE shipping or FREE gift upon their exit after purchases.

4) Assuming they do not want to buy anything from our website, we can offer them a FREE gift before they exit our website. For example, we giveaway a FREE bonus ebook should they leave us their email and contact.

5) Another method, when customers are leaving our website, we offer them a downsell. That means, we offer them a further discount of the items they intended to buy at our website.

The generate idea is to keep customers in our website, instead allowing them to deviate from our website. 

Next question I have for you?
1) Do we need a sales funnel online tool, such as ClickFunnel, BuilderAll, Unbounce, OptimizePress, LeadPages, Thrive Leads, and many more, to do this?
If yes, why yes and if no, why no?
2) How much does all these online tools cost?
3) Is there other FREE method to do this?

Contact us for personal coaching and let Dr Khim personally hold our hands and walk us through the correct techniques, specially designed for our products/services’. Enjoy!

Check out our video to find out the answer.

Does this make sense to you? Please leave us a comment!

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