116. QiMen DunJia Master Course (4 days)

Predict and Solve Life Problems With QiMen DunJia TODAY!

May all your wishes come true!


4 Days Fast Track
11am – 7pm
conducted in English and Chinese

Assess the outcome of any situation any day, any time and develop a win-win solution immediately

Module includes ‘I Can Accurately Predict Any Outcome’ project before ending the session

Learn the Basics

  • The history of QiMen DunJia
  • Understand the concept of QiMen DunJia
  • Getting to know the 5 layers in the QiMen DunJia
  • Understand the formation of QiMen DunJia
  • No-sweat strategy to plot the QiMen DunJia chart
  • Understand the cycles of 5 elements
  • Installing FREE QiMen DunJia chart
  • Setting the markerReading My QiMen DunJia Chart Accurately
    • Identifying the QiMen DunJia for your problem
    • Applying the 5 layers of QiMen DunJia to answer my “Should I do this?”, and “What will happen if I do this?” and “When is a good timing?”
    • Find out my wealth situation
    • Find out my marriage situation
    • Find out my career/business situation
    • Find out my health
    • Find solution to all my questions
    • The formula to predict anything anywhere anyone using Qimen DunJia instantlyEvaluate My QiMen Dunjia Skills
      • The formula to master Qimen DunJia
      • Earn extra income with QiMen DunJia
      • Read my anyone’s chart
      • Bring my laptop for ‘I can accurately predict any outcome’ project
      • Lunch and tea breaks provided
      • Free parking


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