26 – Comprehensive QiMen DunJia Course (2 days)

Predict and solve your life problems TODAY!

Dr Khim’s courses are specially designed as ‘One-Time-Learn-All’ method – 100% sharing 100% result.

100% of her students are successful Life Destiny Readers! Enrol now! FREE I-Ching Course + FREE I-Ching Book + Free QMDJ book

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Predict and solve your life problems Today!

Dr Khim’s courses do not require anyone to attend basic, intermediate and advanced classes because it’s designed for 100% sharing 100% result. Everyone is busy, and it’s difficult to take time for basic, intermediate and advanced. Furthermore, why learn basic and later realised we are too busy to come for intermediate and all that we have learned will go to waste. That’s why her courses are designed as ‘one time learn all’ method.

Dr Khim is very experienced and knowledgable instructor. She has many students from all walk of life, thus she is very versatile when teaching any student. Furthermore, she is a psychology educator, so she knows human behaviour well and has methods to motivate everyone to learn anything. Her lessons are in both English, Chinese and Singlish so that anyone can understand easily.

100% of her students are successful Life Destiny Readers!

All our courses come with food and drinks + FREE Parking

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