115. Numerology Practitioner Master Course (4 days)

Read Anyone Like a Book With Numerology Today!

May all your wishes come true!


4 Days Fast Track
11am – 7pm
conducted in English and Chinese

‘Track and Crack’ personality, strength & weakness, marriage, romance, health, wealth or troubles with the Date of Birth!

Module includes a ‘Take Home Project: My Own Calculated Full Professional Numerology Report of Myself’

All our courses come with food and drinks and FREE parking.

Learn the Basics

  • The formation of numbers
  • The meaning of numbers
  • Plotting the numbers correctly
  • Understand the sequence of reading the number
  • How to read numerology accurately
  • Plotting the secret numbers
  • The formation of 5 elementsLearn Numerology in Depth
    • Find out my personality from birth chart
    • What are some of my strengths and weaknesses
    • How do I overcome the flaws in my life
    • Find my wealth direction
    • Learn to utilise my wealth direction to grow rich
    • Understand my health from my birth chart
    • Understand my life partner and marriage
    • Read yearly luck chart
    • Using birth chart to make it worksAdvanced Numerology
      •  Plot compatibility chart to know who is my friend and foe
      • Predict “can I marry you” and “can we do business together”
      • Predict “can my child study?”
      • Predict “which year is a good year?
      • My numbers is in my name
      • The solutions to my Date of Birth
      • Take home project: ‘Plot and read my complete professional numerology on my own accurately’


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