111. Life Destiny Reading Private Consultation (Per Hour)



Solve your problems TODAY!

Dr Khim uses a combination of Numerology, Bazi, QiMen DunJia, I-Ching and Psychology Science to unravel your problems. She provides scientifically logical answers and workable solutions, nothing superstitious or religious, for you. She is accurate in her predictions and is also featured in iWeekly recently. 100% first time customers purchased 2 hrs session + Pro Numerology Report, while repeating customers go for the hourly session. You can choose a face to face session or video call session, just leave us a note.

All our customers have rated Dr Khim’s combination Psychology Science and Classical Philosophy Reading as extremely 100% accurate. Her face to face session will include:
Understanding our personality, strengths and weaknesses
The situation of our marriage
The opportunities of our career/Business
The suitability for partnership
The best direction for our wealth
The strength and weakness of our health
Extra reading to check if any inheritance, court disputes, bankruptcy, surgery or accidents, or any mishap of any.
Meanwhile, feel free to ask any other questions needed.
FREE logical, practical and scientific solutions will be provided, so no need to buy any Fengshui ornaments

Ask Dr Khim anything and she will provide 100% accurate answers with FREE scientific, logical and workable SOLUTIONS to help you shine again. 100% of here customers’ problems are solved almost instantly! Overseas customers please leave a message so that we know you are doing a video face to face call for your reading. May all your wishes come true!