110. Fengshui Analysis

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May all your wishes come true!


Dr Khim uses 8 Mansion Fengshui, 9 Flying Stars FengShui, and Xuan Kong Feng Shui for her analysis.

An excellent Fengshui home/office definitely attract lots of positive energy for everyone under the roof
After the Fengshui Evaluation, it’s easier to attract peace, love and harmony to your relationships, wealth and health
You do not have to buy any Fengshui ornaments because Dr Khim has FREE methods to improve the fengshui of your home/office

On the other hand, if you still consider Fengshui ornaments would work better, then Dr Khim would advice the most auspicious ones, in accordance to your Numerology, Bazi and Qimen DunJia.

Her Fengshui Evaluation requires your floor plan and date of birth and hour of the related persons living in the premise, an on site consultation maybe required. Almost 100% of our customers reported improved luck and attracted lots of peace, love and harmony for our relationships, wealth and health.


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Fengshui Evaluation

1 hr On Site Fengshui Evaluation, Per Floor Plan Fengshui Evaluation