36. Become-An-Author Package

This will be the best book you ever owned!! Fulfil your dream and earn UNSTOPPABLE passive income – Be an Author! YOU OWN THE COPYRIGHT!

May all your wishes come true!


Have a story to tell or an idea that you wanted to publish to help others with the knowledge you’ve gained, but just don’t know how to do it? Ever thought of becoming an author but just can’t write well enough? Time is valuable for everyone. We are always busy with work schedules, family responsibilities, and when you have the time to sit down and write your ideas into a book, and something comes up. So, you see! Your book is never going to be written. Fret not, we can help you shine!

YOU OWN THE COPYRIGHT! Because it’s your ideas, your content, your concepts and I’m merely writing in into proper English, transform it into a book for you and earn your passive income!

Dr Khim is a Professor, Researcher, an Author, Ghost Writer, Counsellor, Life Destiny Reader, Cryptocurrency Owner, Youtuber, and Facebook Ads Coach. Provide her a topic and a description of your content and outline, including any data chart, and graphics that you want to present in your book, if any, and She’ll write a well researched high quality book for you.

The finalised work will include:
1) Well researched and high quality book
2) professional designed book cover
3) book description
4) Paperback and Ebook format
5) Selling at Amazon, Apple Books, Barners & Noble, Overdrive, 24symbols, Rakuten Kobo, Scribd, Tolino, Playster, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor.
6) FREE 200 hard copies of your book
7) UNLIMITED revisions
8) FREE 1 Book Launch Event
9) FREE book trailer
10) Optional: Translate your book to any language of your choice

Optional: Translate your book into any other languages of your choice.

She will also edit and proof-read your book and ensure that it is properly structured and grammatically correct before she sends it to the publisher. Yes, you didn’t hear wrongly, the package includes a published book UNDER YOUR NAME as an Author and FREE 20 hard copies of your book with UNLIMITED revision  COMPLETED  WITHIN 1 MONTH!!!! + 1 FREE BOOK LAUNCH EVENT + FREE BOOK TRAILER + FREE publishing of your books in various Online stores!

Sorry, she will not write illegal, hatred, erotic and obscene topics.

Leave us a message if you want to write any other materials, such as journals, articles, company training handouts and slides, or course materials.

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Types of Book

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