117. Bazi Master Course (4 Days)

Discover Ways To Maximise Your Potentials!

May all your wishes come true!


4 Days Fast Track
11am – 7pm
conducted in English and Chinese

Learn to read anyone’s life destiny and luck cycles instantly. Discover ways to maximise your potential

Module includes ‘I Can Accurately Predict My Life Destiny’ project before ending the session

Learn the Basics

  • The basic of 5 elements
  • The basic of 10 heavenly stems
  • The basic of 12 earthly branches
  • The basic of Yin Yang Theory
  • The Basic of The 4 Pillars
  • The Basic of Favourable and Unfavourable ElementsReading My Bazi Chart Accurately
    • Understanding the strength of my Bazi chart
    • Discover my health, wealth, career, romance, and marriage
    • Understanding my 10 years luck cycle
    • Understanding my yearly luck cycle
    • Understanding favourable direction from my Bazi chartEvaluate My Bazi Skills
      • The formula to master Bazi charts
      • Earn extra income with Bazi charts
      • Read anyone’s chart
      • Bring my laptop for ‘I can accurately predict my life destiny’ project
      • Lunch and tea breaks provided
      • Free parking


Additional information

Types of Book

Thin, Medium, Thick


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