118. FengShui Master Course (4 Days)

Plant Positive Energy And Enjoy Endless Fortune!

May all your wishes come true!


4 Days Fast Track
11am – 7pm
conducted in English and Chinese

Improve existing Fengshui with Bagua, 24 Mountains, Bazi and QiMen DunJia. Discover ways to implant new positive energy in the house and start a promising fortune

Module includes ‘I can Accurately Plot My House Fengshui” project before ending the session

Learn the Basics

  • The basic of 5 elements
  • The basic of Bagua
  • The basic of QiMen DunJia Fengshui
  • The basic of 24 Mountains
  • The Basic of Qi-Flow
  • The Basic of Bazi FengshuiPlotting Fengshui Accurately
    • Understanding the design of Fengshui
    • Assess the Qi-Flow of The House
    • Discover favourable and unfavourable location
    • Find favourable and unfavourable colours for the house
    • Solve using Fengshui RemedyEvaluate My Fengshui Skills
      • The formula to master robust Fengshui
      • Earn extra income with Fengshui
      • Plot anyone’s Fengshui
      • Bring my laptop for ‘I Can Accurately Plot My House Fengshui’ project
      • Lunch and tea breaks provided
      • Free parking



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