I-Ching Hexagram 3 水雷屯

Verdict: Low Auspicious

We are on our way to proceed with our plans but the cloud are heavy and it looks like it’s going to rain. Hence, stay put and wait for the rain to go. Hexagram 3 advices us to seek help and wait for the rain or storm to go before proceeding our plans. Well, if we are stubborn and insist on storming through the rain, then most likely we will suffer.

Line 1: The beginning of all work and plan is very tough, so do hang on and we will see success. Do not rush. Build our foundation, supporters and our good personality first. Do not be anxious and be patient. Wait for opportunity. 

Line 2: Now is not the right timing to marry, start a new career or business or start anything new.

Line 3: Do not proceed. Stop and wait for opportunity because now is not the right timing.

Line 4: We are in a dilemma now. We are stuck so do not proceed or act alone. Seek mentor and advice from experienced person. Wait for the right timing.

Line 5: We need to seek help because we cannot solve the difficulties alone. Do not act. Stay humble and bow at our nobleman, mentor and experienced person.

Line 6: It is difficult to find a good mentor and we are in a difficult situation now, so stay low profile and humble. Do not rush and act. Be patient and wait and this shall pass.

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