I-Ching Hexagram 2 坤为地

Verdict: Moderate Auspicious

Hexagram 2 represent the earth, the mother, and the helper. The earth has the nature to contain almost anything above and below the ground. Thus, this hexagram demonstrates magnanimous, and the power to accept, embrace and follow the course of nature. The mother is a helper role, therefore it is not advisable to lead. Be gentle and polite like a Mother Nature. To care and give, and to be a role model for the children and family.

The hexagram 2

We may lose our direction at the moment, stay gentle, quiet, kind and honest, then we will be alright in the end. We may seek our friends at the Southwest and lose friends at Northeast.

Line 1: We are at a difficult and unfavourable position now, but as long we continue to do charity and stay peaceful, kind, humble and generous, then we will be alright in the end. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Do not give up half way. Face the music, be brave, have faith, stay strong and positive, is the solution to overcome difficulties. 

Line 2: Be generous and graceful. Behave morally and we will succeed.

Line 3: Give credits to others. Do not greed, do not show off, stay low profile and humble. Remember our roles and tasks given to us must be completed because we need responsibility to succeed.

Line 4: Be careful with our speech, stay quiet and humble to stay out of trouble. The this rime to build a good personality to succeed in the future.

Line 5: Just go with the flow. Be gentle, generous, peaceful, kind, humble, positive and have a big heart and success will be on our way.

Line 6: Do not argue or quarrel. Stay in our role and position and do what we suppose to do properly and morally. Be gentle to win.

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