I-Ching Hexagram 1 乾为天

Verdict: Auspicious

This is the first hexagram among 64 hexagram, it is a representation of a dragon, a father, the heaven. Thus, line 1 would mean that the dragon, father or the heaven is new and young , so it has no power or force to create and make great changes yet. But as the dragon, or the father, and heaven grew stronger and wiser each day, it will be the right timing then to carry out the great plan or accomplish missions. Meanwhile, just learn from the great mentors, supporters and noblemen because at the end, the dragon, father, and heaven will be a great man. However, there maybe a downfall once success and pride blindfold the dragon, father or heaven. Thus, always be grateful to who has helped you in the past when you were weak.

Line 1: Although we have the cut to succeed, but it is not the right timing to act now because we are not ready, so keep a low profile for now.

Line 2: To succeed, we need to seek nobleman, mentor, our superior or a more experienced person and build strong support from our networks. Do not act out alone.

Line 3: Meanwhile, we have to stay alert, be honest and kind and do the right thing properly and morally, or else we will be putting ourselves in difficult situation. Choose an appropriate timing to act is also very essential.

Line 4: Be flexible and willing to step back. Learn to give in and be generous. To be safe, carefully follow the supporters. The right decision to act is very important because the result is solely based on the decision to do the right thing at the right timing.

Line 5: Be careful of our speech. We will succeed at the end, if we stay kind, honest, upright, humble and gain supports from our network. Build a good personality.

Line 6: Be kind, honest,  humble, upright  and gain favours from our supporters. Remember to employ good timing and doing the right thing. Learn to take a step back and do not be pushy and arrogant, or else all plans shall fail.

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