How to Plot an I-Ching Divination – Part 1

Ever wish we could predict any outcome for our decisions?
Could we predict the future?
Could we fully understand our situation?
Is there an easier English version to understand I-Ching?

Answer: Yes!

Dr Khim explains the fundamental of I-Ching and the correct methods to use I-Ching divination in a simpler form in simple English.

What is I-Ching?
I-Ching is an ancient Chinese Classical Philosophy for Divination. Also known as YiJing, Yi-Ching, (易经), Zhou Yi (周易) and ‘Book of Changes.’ I-Ching is evolved from FuYi (Bagua) to Zhou Wen King (64 Hexagrams) to Confucius.

How is I-Ching Formulated?
It starts with the theory of Yin (阴) and Yang (阳), permutates into BaGua (八卦), and from BaGua (八卦) permutates into 64 Hexagrams (六十四卦).

What is it use for?
It is use for predicting “What will happen NOW, if I…..”

How accurate?
Accuracy rate is almost 95%, but depends who is reading it.

* Take note:
1) Do not plot I-Ching between 2300 hours – 0100 hours.
2) I-Ching is a Chinese Classical Philosophy (knowledge based) and it has no religion involved.
3) The ‘head’ of the coin is the one with wordings.
4) The 1st toss always starts from the bottom line and plot upwards.
5) Only one question per divination. Why? Because we will not get an answer, if we ask 2 questions in 1 question. For example, do not ask “should I stay or should I go?”
6) For accuracy, question must be specific. For example, instead ask “What will happen if I stay MARRIED NOW?” OR “What will happen if I DIVORCE NOW?”
7) The same question can only plot once. To plot again, please do so after one month.

How to plot an I-Ching divination?
Step 1:
Focus on the question
Recommended to focus on the question in front of our prayers

Step 2:
Take 3 coins and toss it.

Step 3:
Record the assigned ‘head’ and ‘tail’ (see image below).

Step 4:
Continue tossing until you complete 6 times in total.

Step 5:
Any lines with an ‘X’ or an ‘O’, we have to reverse it to the opposite. 
(see image below)

Step 6: Use the below diagram to compare

Step 7: Check out our other I-Ching videos to learn more


Check out our videos for self interpretation. Alternatively, we can contact Dr Khim for a professional interpretation face to face session. For courses, please visit our website.

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May All Our Wishes Come True!

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