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Dr Khim is a Professor, Researcher, Author, Counsellor, Cryptocurrency Owner,  Youtuber, and Life Destiny Mentor, since 2007. She lectures psychology at higher education institutes, writes curriculum, scientific journals and self-help books, and speaks at international conferences. 

She conducts Numerology course, reads life destiny, counsels clients, and tutors psychology academic. She is also an Associate Member of  Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), since 2008. 

She spends her weekends helping at the Senior Home and is a long term blood donor. iWeekly Singapore (2018) reported the  accuracy of  her breakthrough on her modernized Combined Psychology and Numerology. In recent years, she has been spending a massive amount of hours and resources scrutinising Cryptocurrency – our future money. Additionally, her self-help books and scientific journals are based on recent, sound research and are simple to read.

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Scientific Publications:

1) Goh, S.K., Jacob. N., & Furlonger, B.E., (2015). Exploring factors that influence Singaporeans’ intention in seeking professional counselling. Referred  conference paper presented at SAC Counselling Symposium: Evidence Informed Practice – “Towards a Better State of Well-being.” Singapore.

2) Goh S.K. (2016). Factors impacting Singaporeans’ intention to seek professional counselling (Doctoral dissertation. Monash University).

3) Dr Khim Goh, Dr Brett Furlonger, & Dr Nicky Jacob (2018). Theoretical Approaches to Seeking Professional Counselling. Journal of Counselling Profession. 1(1) 1-20.

Amazon Paperback and eBooks: 

(1) Dr Khim Goh (2019). From the Professor: The Whole Truth of Cryptocurrency. Amazon. USA.
Paperback – ISBN: 1087339979
eBook – ASIN: B07W99Y1H2
National Library Board, Singapore: Call Number 332.4KHI- [Biz] 

(2) Dr Khim Goh (2019). What Does the Psychology Professor say about Divorce. Amazon. USA.
Paperback – ISBN: 9781089397298
eBook – ASIN: B07W8C4JW9

(3) Dr Khim Goh (2019). The Professor’s Numerology: Reveal Your Destiny. Amazon. USA.
Paperback – ISBN: 9781687375179
eBook – ASIN: B07Y7M3CGB

(4) The Professor’s Journal: Theoretical Approaches to seeking Professional Counselling, Amazon, USA.
Paperback – ISBN: 9781089888031

(5) The Professor’s Thesis: Factors impacting Singaporeans’ intention to seek professional counselling. Amazon, USA.
Paperback ISBN: 9781686194597
eBook ASIN: B07WHKP97J

(6) Can Cryptocurrency REALLY Make You a Millionaire? Amazon, USA.
Paperback ISBN: 9781694803825

7) The Professor’s Step-by-Step Guide to Predict Your Outcome with I-Ching.
Paperback ISBN : 9781693419812

8) 吴博士揭开:加密货币的全部真相
Paperback ISBN: 9781695222281

Cheers, Dr Khim Goh 
PhD, Monash University
Master of Education, Monash University
Master of Guidance and Counselling, JCU
Bachelor of Science (Psychology), USQ
Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration), Ottawa University
Associate member of Singapore Psychological Society (since 2008)
Associate member of Singapore Association for Counselling (since 2010)

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