dr Khim tutorial

Dr Khim is a Professor, Researcher, Author, Counsellor, Cryptocurrency Owner,  Youtuber, and Life Destiny Mentor, since 2007. She lectures psychology at higher education institutes, writes curriculum, scientific journals and self-help books, and speaks at international conferences. 

She conducts Numerology course, reads life destiny, counsels clients, and tutors psychology academic. She is also an Associate Member of  Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), since 2008. 

She spends her weekends helping at the Senior Home and is a long term blood donor. iWeekly Singapore (2018) reported the  accuracy of  her breakthrough on her modernized Combined Psychology and Numerology. In recent years, she has been spending a massive amount of hours and resources scrutinising Cryptocurrency – our future money. Additionally, her self-help books and scientific journals are based on recent, sound research and are simple to read.

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